Newsworthy Art for November 2013

Students in Mr. Gralen’s Art 1A classes look at a variety of source materials for mask images, including cultures around the world, as well as their own imagination. Reflecting on the root meaning of the use of the mask gives them a new appreciation for the universal power of the mask symbol. Students then design their own mask using their research and reflection as inspiration. The masks are created by casting the student’s own face using plaster cloth, or by using a plastic mold.

mask f 2013_2 mask f 2013_3 Mask (Chloe)

Art 1B students recently completed an abstract pastel reproduction of a famous master painting. In order to make their drawings, students made conscious choices to eliminate, distort, and simplify shapes of an original famous painting. Then they reconstructed the shapes and colors to create their final abstract pastel drawing. In these photos, students can be seen evaluating their work.

AbstractArt_Bella AbstractArt_Clara

Ceramic students created garden stakes, an incredibly easy assignment made out of stoneware slabs, yet a productive and useful project. The results are stunning and would enhance any landscape!

Ceramic Flower Stakes