Tech Talk for November 2013

How do teachers keep up with new technologies?

Many Jordan teachers recently attended the Fall Cue Conference in Napa and returned with many new exciting and innovative ideas for teaching and learning. CUE ( is the Computer Using Educators’ source for Innovation and Exploration and their conferences are so beneficial. CUE’s mission is to “Provide leadership and support to advance student  achievement in the educational technology community.”

Two of our own teachers presented at the CUE conference; Sue Morosoli gave an insightful presentation on ePortfolios and highlighted her 6th grade Communication wheel and Google Sites projects. Megan Ellis gave two presentations, “Replace Your Filing Cabinet” (with Google Sites) and the other, “Using High Tech Tools to Create a Culture of Literary Nerds” about how students can share their reading experience with online resources.

CUE Conference 1

Several teachers meet every Tuesday at lunchtime for “It’s Just Lunch” and discuss issues and share their insights and ideas about old and new technology tools. Sometimes one of the teachers presents a new Web 2.0 resource. Sometimes the discussion revolves around best practices and new equipment. It is a spirited group and well-attended.

CUE Conference 3

On November 6, the Jordan staff participated in a “Technology Mini-Conference” that provided a choice of workshops to attend during the staff meeting time. Teachers could  learn about: Google Voice, Vocaroo, Schoology audio, Thinglink, Kidblog, iPad iMovies, iBooks, Padlet, Schoology discussions and quizzes, ePortfolios, and organizing assessments in Google Drive. It was enthusiastically attended and the post survey provided lots of positive feedback for moving forward with Jordan technology plans and goals.

CUE Conference 2