Newsworthy Art for January 2014

Art 1B Students “Engage The Page” with ink drawings emphasizing line, pattern, value and form.  The objective is to create a drawing made of smaller drawings and patterns, or a “meta-drawing.” Students look at  the unusual and unique work of Mannerist artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo for inspiration.

First a worksheet will be completed that demonstrates an ability to show lightness and darkness with pen and ink patterns, cross hatch, and pointilism. Students then decide on a theme and draw an outlining shape representing the theme of the drawings that are  filled within. They imaginative representations can be of animals, birds, fish, dragons, monsters, flowers, almost anything. Roller ball pens allow for very fine control of line density and weight, as well as careful and precise creation of pattern. The finished drawing should have a focal point and several different values of pen and ink.

Meta Drawing 1Meta Drawing 2Meta Drawing 3Meta Drawing 4Meta Drawing 5Meta Drawing 6