Measure A Update:

4/28 UPDATE: Around 62% of likely PAUSD parents have not yet voted. There are still thousands of ballots waiting at homes across the district to be returned. In 2004, the parcel tax election lost by 335 votes out of over 35,000 votes cast! The aftermath was profoundly disruptive. Thank you to all our YES voters who have voted. You are officially off our phone bank list!!

Please find your ballot, vote YES, and mail it back TODAY. Ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday, May 5, NOT returned by the 5th as originally thought. We need your support. $13M of annual funding for teachers, counselors, psychologists, and Librarians to reduce class sizes, among other basic needs is on the line. Initiatives to further support struggling students would also be jeopardized with a Measure A loss. At 7% of our operating budget, let’s secure this funding today for our future.