Just Parties

Jordan Just Parties is both a fundraiser and a community builder.  Families host donated parties throughout the year and they are offered to other interested families for purchase.  Examples might include a theme dinner or wine tasting at the host’s home, a special event such as a 7th grade student and dad bike ride or a family picnic and Stanford baseball game.  Events are offered at the beginning of each year at a PTA sponsored event on a first-come, first-served basis.  After the event, any party openings available, are advertised in the Jordan PTA weekly eNews and available for purchase through the Jordan Webstore.  For more information, contact the Just Parties Crew at jordanjustparties@gmail.com.

The 2017-2018 Jordan Just Parties sign-up event will be at the International Night in September 2017.  There are still a few 2016-2017 events happening.  Check the Jordan Webstore for these.

All Jordan parents/guardians are welcome to attend this complimentary event and get their parties in place! Be ready to pay for all the parties you sign up for that night – either by credit card (preferred) or a check. Parties are sold on a first come, first serve basis until the maximum is reached.

Past Catalogs:

2015/16 Just Party Catalog

Happy browsing of the Party Catalog and we hope you will find plenty of parties to go to.