Welcome to the PTA at Jordan Middle School

Join the Jordan PTA!

Every membership counts!  Many families have grandparents, aunts and uncles as members of their school PTA.

Join the Jordan PTA now by clicking here to purchase membership via the Jordan webstore.  You can also join by check.  $20 for 2 members or $10 per member.  Click here for the Back-to-School PTA Checklist with PTA membership form.  Please fill out this form, include a check made out to: Jordan PTA and return to the Jordan Middle School office or mail to: Jordan PTA Jordan Middle School 750 N. California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94303.

Thank you for supporting our students, families and teachers!

Jordan Back-to-School BBQ

TONIGHT August 17, 2016 from 5:30 -7:30pm

NEW! Jordan Back to School BBQ – Buy your tickets online NOW!  Athletics/activities release form  click here.  Bring the parent/guardian signed release form to the event to get your “purple” wristband or parents fill out and sign paper form at the event tonight.

Oaxacan Kitchens will be providing our delicious BBQ food with Organic vegetables.  BBQ Chicken, Roasted Green Beans Salad with tomato, Potato Salad with sun-dried tomatoes and roasted garlic, Polenta with oven roasted vegetables and pesto. Iced cold Watermelon.  PTA will be providing the beverages: lemonade, Arnold Palmers and water along with chocolate chip cookies. Meet, be served by and chat with: your Principal, Asst Principals, Dean and Jordan Staff.  Have fun, show off your soccer ball, basketball, badminton and brain skills to earn tickets for raffle prize drawings.  Place your tickets in your favorite raffle prize bags and cross your fingers!  Raffle prizes will be drawn at 7pm in the MP Room.  While at this event browse the Book Fair with 40% of your purchases funding books for our Jordan Library.

New this year: You will need wristbands to get the food. We will reduce food lines and check you in faster by handing out wristbands at several stations. Look for signs saying “Pre-paid Checkins”. Don’t worry if you don’t’ have tickets for the BBQ. You can still purchase them at the ticket selling tables in the snack area.  You will get your wristbands there.  BBQ buffet will be set up in the MPR and next to the tennis courts. There will be plenty of seating in the MPR, in the snack area, and by the tennis courts.

For those students that would like to participate in athletic activities we REQUIRE a parent signed release form for this activity that will be at the the table selling BBQ tickets in the snack area and by our Field Activities area .  You will get a purple writeband so that we know you have a signed release.  ALSO, NO CLEATS for *any* of the activities.

Questions?  E-mail: jordanptapresident@gmail.com


ALSO, if you have not gotten your BTS packet in please return it immediately to the front office.  We have PTA volunteers busily processing these forms for the school!

Look forward to see you at the BBQ!

Your BTS BBQ Organizers,

Ashima Argawal, Marina Angelov, Jade Chao, Alexandra Gatley and Gabrielle Conway





The Jordan PTA website is where you will find general information about Jordan PTA and read important articles relevant to programs at Jordan from the PTA President, Board and Committee Chairs. It will include interesting articles from our community partners such as PTAC, Sixth District, Project Cornerstone, ACS and YCS, to name a few.  Unfortunately, our new website isn’t a closed system. To safeguard parent information, you will find information about the Board or Chair position to contact for questions, but you won’t find emails or email links. To locate the person you are trying to reach, go to About Us PTA Executive Board or PTA Committee Leaders and use your Jordan Directory to find the proper person’s contact information.

The Jordan PTA Weekly eNews will continue to be the publication we use to notify parents about Jordan PTA day-to-day operations including the PTA Calendar of events and meetings, how to volunteer and sign up for events, and information about community events and news relevant to Jordan students. This is a closed system that is reconciled annually to ensure only Jordan parents are included.

The Jordan Weekly is a publication owned and distributed by Jordan Middle School. It is a wonderful tool to learn about events happening at school. To ensure we don’t duplicate information in our publications, the Jordan Weekly will focus on the happenings at school while the Jordan PTA eNews will focus on Jordan PTA news such as PTA sponsored events or volunteer needs.